Web Design Terms

Requirements Definition

Northern Computer Service will conduct requirements definition by meeting with the customer or appropriate Customer representatives of the customer's business to clearly define the look and feel, functionality, content, and security access requirements for the new Customer Internet website.

Digital Certificate & Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Services

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This feature ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites in the protection of the privacy of online transactions and customer information. SSL connections requires an SSL Certificate.

This feature is generally only required when a shopping cart is requested or your web site is collecting credit card, HIPPA, Social Security Card information or other sensitive information. However, it has become a staple signature of a “safe site” and visitors have begun to trust and acknowledge professional businesses by seeing the security “lock” SSL Certificate. NCS will provide the necessary SSL security through the NCS web servers and obtain the appropriate third-party SSL certificate to allow credible secure browser connections.

Dedicated Server

In most cases, Customer’s websites will be co-hosted on servers robust enough to support hosting services for up to 25 web sites. However, dedicated server options are available for customers preferring a personal dedicated server that does not share server resources with any onother website. Customers using this option are not buying ownership in the server hardware, but rather renting the dedicated server for the length of the website. Hardware remains in the possession of Northern Computer Service, Inc., and cannot be claimed as physical property of the Customer. This one-time rental fee provides the Customer with a single, dedicated server, for the duration that the Customer’s website is hosted at Northern Computer Service, Inc.. The Customer may choose to host multiple websites on the dedicated server.

Parallel Website Hosting

If the customer has an existing business website, Northern Computer Service will maintain the hosting and availability of the existing website. At the same time, Northern Computer Service will develop the new website simultaneously using a similar domain name (e.g. At any time, the Customer may visit the new website online to see the progress and provide feedback to Northern Computer Service. Upon customer satisfaction with the new website, the new website will replace the legacy business web site and the new website will be hosted under the correct customer domain name

Website Design

Northern Computer Service will design the new Customer Internet website according to the requirements and functionality defined in the requirements definition process. Northern Computer Service will provide at least 2 website reviews/demonstrations to Customer representatives in progressive phases during the development of the website to ensure content and desired functionality requirements are being met.

Customer understands that some requirements may not be technically possible. If requirement conflicts occur, both parties agree to meet and come to reasonable technology or functionality alternatives.

Website Development

Under this agreement, Northern Computer Service will transfer requirements and functionality concepts into a production Internet website.

The website will be accessible worldwide on the Internet 24-hours a day and 7-days a week . The website will be developed using open standards (non-proprietary methods) in the event that Customer elects to move the website to alternative hosting providers in the future. A domain name transfer charge of $49.99 may apply.

The customer agrees that the use of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP), Common Gateway Interface (CGI), JAVA, and Open Source products are acceptable for use in the development of the new Customer Internet website.

Copyright and Royalty-Free Images and Materials

NCS will purchase images from a reputable image provider in order to legally use images on a Customer website. Any images provided by the Customer are the sole responsibility of the owner and the Customer claims all rights and licenses to use the images on the Customer website. The Customer will indemnify NCS of any and all copyright or trade mark infringements on all images used on the Customer website.

Website Graphics and Logo Design

Website graphics (placement of product pictures, scanning of existing images, and minor digital retouching of existing graphics or artwork) is not included in this cost estimate. Cost for graphical business logo design work is not included in this cost proposal. If graphic or logo design support is required in any capacity, a $75 per hour charge is assessed. There is a one-hour minimum requirement.

Domain Name

Northern Computer Service will, at Customer request, transfer the Customer’s existing domain name to Northern Computer Service web servers. Domain name registration is $49.99 per year.

Domain names are automatically renewed annually. It is the customer’s responsibility to contact NCS to cancel domain name services at least 30-days prior to domain name renewal. Once a domain name has been renewed, the annual renewal fee of $49.99 is billed to the customer and cannot be cancelled.

Website Hosting

Northern Computer Service will provide computer hardware resources and up to 5 Gigabytes of disk drive storage space to host the new Customer Internet website(s). Northern Computer Service agrees not to set Quality of Service (QOS) restrictions on the new Customer Internet website. Northern Computer Service further agrees to provide sufficient hardware, software, and connectivity resources to support up to 50 simultaneous visitor connections to the new Customer Internet website.  

E-mail and E-mail Relay

Northern Computer Service will provide up to 5 e-mail accounts (accessible via Web Mail and POP3 mail readers like Outlook and Thunderbird) or provide e-mail relaying from the Customer website to desired Customer personal e-mail addresses.

Internet Connectivity

Northern Computer Service will provide the new Customer Internet website with up to 600Mbps (Download) and 30Mbps (Upload) connectivity through the use of a commercial-grade Charter communication lines.

Browser Compatibility

Northern Computer Service will use develop standards that support modern web browser applications. This means that the customer website will display properly in modern versions of Edge, Chrome Firefox and Safari. Using old browser technology may not display the customer website properly. If customer requires backwards compatibility with non-current browser applications, additional development costs may apply. Please note that some features may not be compatible with Apple Macintosh products.

Data Backup/Recovery

At no additional cost to the customer, Northern Computer Service will provide monthly data backups of the new Customer Internet website and store the backup data to alternative storage locations, CD, or DVD for quick recovery in the event of a disaster or undesired customer modification to the web site. Additional backups, or more frequent backups, may be conducted at Customer request for an additional charge.

Search Engine Submission, Marketing and SEO

Northern Computer Service, Inc. offers, under separate proposal, website SEO and Marketing packages to increase visitor traffic to the website, optimization of the website to ensure proper acceptance into the major search engines, and periodic marking of the website to ensure greatest visibility.

Website Availability/Uptime

Uptime is a measure of the time a machine, typically a computer, has been working and available. Uptime is the opposite of downtime. Our goal is to provide 98% uptime for your website. However, technical issues, hardware failures, communications lines or other issues will result in unexpected downtime.

Technical Support During the development period, Northern Computer Service will provide technical support via phone, in person, or e-mail to the extent necessary to carry out the design, development, training, and publishing of the new Customer Internet website.

Work Not Identified in The Formal Proposal

Northern Computer Service has defined the tasks and associated costs for producing one Customer Internet website. Any additional work, requirement changes, design modifications, training, or other requests for the website above and beyond what is defined in this document is subject to a general labor rate of $75 per hour (half hour minimum) or other rate advertised by Northern Computer Service for specific services listed at

Deviations and Exceptions

Northern Computer Service, to the best of its ability, will ensure 24/7 accessibility to the new Customer Internet website. There are circumstances beyond Northern Computer Service’s control that may prevent access to the Customer Internet website. These circumstances include problems with Verizon communication lines, Charter communication lines, outages due to weather, communication-line or telecommunications carrier hardware equipment failure, or other acts of God. Northern Computer Service will not be held liable or accountable for connectivity issues outside of Northern Computer Service’s control.

Customer has requested a general-purpose informational business website be developed and hosted. At present, there is no Customer requirement to process secure payment transactions online, shopping cart functionality, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), or file transfer capability. These features are at a cost above and beyond prices quoted in this proposal.

Right to Terminate

Northern Computer Service reserves the right to terminate this agreement if any of the services provided to Customer by Northern Computer Service are found to support offensive or illegal activities or violate the Charter, Verizon, or CenturyTel Terms of Service (TOS).

Domain Name and Web Site Ownership

Northern Computer Service may establish, procure, transfer, activate or configure one or more domain names on behalf of the Customer and this agreement. Any and all domain names purchased for the purpose of this Customer’s website is, and will always be, considered the property of the Customer. If at any time the customer chooses to move the website to another hosting provider, transfer the domain name(s) to another registrar, or sell the domain name, Northern Computer Service will cooperatively assist in this transfer in a timely manner. A transfer fee of $49.99 for each domain transfer may apply and is the responsibility of the Customer. The website, website information, website data, website design, and all website content is the property of the Customer. All domain transfer fees are required to be paid before release of domain. Domains that are abandoned, unpaid by the customer, or rescued by NCS become the property of NCS. NCS reserves the right to release any domain name(s) abandoned or unpaid by the customer or the customer's business.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to perform due diligence when purchasing a domain name, to ensure there are no legal requirement(s), Registered Trademark(s), or Copyright infringements associated with the domain name.

Non-Payment of Services

Customer agrees to automatic annual renewal of website hosting and domain name services unless NCS is notified in writing (email or letter) that customer wishes to cancel services 60-days prior to renewal. Once a domain name is renewed for the year, payment cannot be refunded. Customer websites that are delinquent in payment for services for more than 30-days are considered suspended and will be replaced with a “Suspension of Service” web page made openly to the public. To reinstate these suspended websites, a $300 restoration fee and any outstanding balance(s) must be paid in full prior to website will be restored. Customer websites that are delinquent in payment for 60-days or more are considered abandoned and will be removed from NCS web servers. To reinstate these abandoned websites, a $500 restoration fee and any outstanding balance(s) must be paid in full prior to restoration or providing Customer with a copy of the website source code. Customer agrees that any abandoned domain name is considered the property of NCS and NCS may take ownership, use, sell, retire or return the domain name to the public for acquisition without notification to or permission from the Customer.

Suspension of any website will include suspension of accompanying email services.

NCS reserves the right to suspend Customer website and email services for any unpaid invoice regardless of service.

Billing and Payment Schedule

All web site projects require a 60% down payment deposit prior to work being performed. All balances are due upon within 30-days of the date of this proposal; unless other specific payment options have been agreed to by NCS, which is documented in the section entitled Alternative Billing and Payment Schedule.

Payment of any Digital Certificates must be paid in full prior to implementing SSL or security services.

Payment may be made with personal check, company check, bank check, credit card, PayPal, or money order.

There is a $50.00 fee for all returned checks. All payments are due within 15-days of invoice date. Late payments are subject to an additional $15.00 late fee after 15-days from date of original invoice. A $15.00 late fee will be added monthly on any unpaid balances.

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