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Windows 10 - Coming July 2015

Coming July 2015, Windows 10 will be released! If you are a current user of Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 you are eligible for a FREE upgrade to Windows 10.

This means you are authorized one free copy of Windows 10. However, Windows 10 is only available through an Internet download. The Windows 10 download is very large and can take more than 26 hours on Frontier DSL.

Hotspot and dial-up customers SHOULD NOT ATTEMPT THIS download/installation process. Performing the Windows 10 upgrade on slow Internet connections can result in a corruption of your computer software and loss of data.

Northern Computer Service is offering a Windows 10 upgrade service for a tentative price of $99 (assuming your computer meets all the necessary requirements).

Bring in your computer and we will download and install Windows 10 on your computer using our Ultra High-Speed Internet connection.

Our Windows 10 upgrade process will preserve your desktop icons, documents, pictures, bookmarks and Favorites!

Northern Computer Service, Inc. is your Windows 10 information center!

For more information about Windows 10, download our Microsoft Windows 10 Q & A.