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Warranty, Return, & Service Agreement


Northern Computer Service warrants all the work we perform!  We don't hide behind fine print.  We are proud of our work and we stand behind it.

Our 30-Day Repair Service Guarantee

All our repair service work is guarranteed!  If we service your computer and you feel we did not do it correctly, we will fix it at no further cost to you up to 30-days after the repair date on the service invoice.

Manufacturer Item Return Policy and NCS 30-Day Limited Guarantee

Every product you purchase from NCS is backed first by the product manufacturer or supplier’s warranty.  NCS's 30-day limited guarantee may also apply. NCS's 30-day limited guarantee provides for either exchange or refund of qualifying merchandise. To determine if the product you wish to purchase qualifies for NCS's 30-day limited guarantee or if other coverage applies please ask an NCS representative.

Software, consumables and some other categories of products that do not qualify for NCS’s 30-day limited guarantee have less extensive return privileges and may be supported exclusively through the manufacturer or supplier’s warranty only. Terms and conditions may vary by manufacturer, supplier or product. NCS will assist customers whenever possible in gaining satisfaction with product manufacturer and suppliers.

All returns require the original purchase receipt. Returned products must be in new condition, include original outer packaging, all disks, registration cards, inner packing materials and other accessories and be returned to NCS within 30 days of the date shipped or purchased.

We reserve the right to refuse a return an may charge a restocking fee for damaged, open, incomplete or otherwise non-conforming returns. Returns will not be accepted without a customer provided original sales receipt issued by NCS or when the product manufacturer or distributors return policy supercedes the NCS policy.

Warranty On Virus Removal

NCS, LLC warrants virus removal for a period of 10 days if the customer's computer has a valid (licensed), up-to-date, commercially purchased virus protection software product installed.  If the customer has a valid, up-to-date, commercially purchased virus protection software product installed on the customer's computer and the virus, which was previously removed by NCS, LLC returns within 10 days of the date of service by NCS, LLC then NCS, LLC will remove the virus at no additional cost to the customer.  Customer must present a valid NCS, LLC receipt for the service at the time of warranty claim.  FREE or immature virus/malware/spyware products ARE NOT CONSIDERED commercially purchased virus protection, this includes AVAST, AVG, Frontier Security Suite, Charter Security Suite, and MS Security Essentials.

NCS, LLC DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY WARRANTY, written or implied, on any virus removal service on any customer computer, which does not have a valid (licensed), up-to-date, commercially purchased virus protection software product installed on the customer computer.

Factory Refurbished Item Return Policy

All factory refurbished items are sold with a 90-day quality product warranty. If you experience any manufacturer defect on any refurbished product purchased from NCS, NCS will repair, return, return for repair, or exchange the item.

Used Item Return Policy

All used items are sold "AS-IS" and contains no warranty or return authorization policy unless otherwise stated by Northern Computer Service, Inc..

Training Issues

On occasion, customer mistake computer problems with "training issues".  Training issues are not covered under our 30-day service guarantee.  Training is available from Northern Computer Service, Inc. an an hourly consulting rate.