Northern Computer Service

Eddie Blotnicki - Lead Systems Engineer

Eddie is the NCS Lead Engineer in charge of our computer repair department.  Eddie performs more than 600 technical repairs annually.  His repairs are superior, and we know this because each and every repair performed by NCS is verified by a call-back to ensure we've done our job.  Eddie consistently receives rave reviews by our customers. 

Eddie's extensive experience in computer repair spans the entire gambit of hardware and software.  Eddie routinely repairs computers infected by complicated virus', replaces damaged hard disk drives,  recovers lost or damaged data, performs software installations, and much more.

Eddie has streamlined our computer repair department and, in most cases, your computer repair should be accomplished in a few days rather than weeks, like our competitors.

Eddie's vast computer skills allow him provide support to our other departments when needed.  Contact Eddie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..